‘Closed Sandwich’ Storytelling Example

I came across the following video on Facebook the other week. I think this is a great example of how to tell your story in a way that links to your sales message. (You’ll need to turn the sound up on the video) The story is in what I would call a ‘closed sandwich format’. […]

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Book review: The Oxygen Advantage

The Oxygen Advantage

I’ve long suspected that I have some kind of breathing problem. Nothing that would be described as a problem by a doctor, but something I regularly notice. Even though I’m in reasonable shape, I lose my breath quickly in physical exercise. If you were to play me at squash for example, I’d be panting after […]

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Use Archetypal Stories to please everyone

Moana face

I have a soft spot for Disney films with good stories. Cars, Toy Story, The Jungle Book (original) and Shrek all rate highly in my opinion. According to Linzi, when the Disney film Moana came out last year, my face did this at the prospect of seeing it: “Another bloody princess film,” I grumbled to myself. Anyway, Linzi went to see it without […]

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See past objects and explain processes

Air bubble

I watched a documentary the other night, called The Secret Life of Waves. If that sounds desperately dull, let me try to convince you otherwise… Did you know for example: Waves are about the transformation of energy. So are people, and just about everything else in the world. The height of the wave directly correlates to […]

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