Story Marketing: Don’t shut out the past


One of the first questions I normally ask people in deciphering their story is to describe their earliest memories growing up. One of my earliest memories is fighting with our dog underneath the dining room table. I used to climb into her space, and she would grown this low threatening growl at me. Apparently my […]

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Is storytelling a marketing fad to grab attention?

‘Telling your story’ and ‘being yourself’ are suddenly hot marketing topics, but there’s a difference between using a fabricated version of your story as an attention-grabbing tactic, and using the real version to communicate your core values. The mere fact that ‘being yourself’ is suddenly trendy shows that marketers have not been being themselves for […]

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Why you need paid advertising

Fifteen years on from the ‘SEO boom’, the world is still obsessed with free traffic. The trouble is, unless you’re doing something ‘viral’ (AKA stupid), free traffic is hard to come by. Or worse, you pay for it with a truckload of time. In the real world, nobody wakes up and decides they want to […]

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Mistakes when telling your story

I’ve interviewed a few people in recent weeks who want to tell more of their story in their marketing. I want to highlight a few especially important things that have become apparent to me during these conversations. The first task is to get your FULL story written down, without judging what is relevant and what […]

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