The easiest thing is to hide your work…

TS Bryan

So, it turns out I’m not the only writer in the family. Before he retired two years ago, my Dad spent the last five years of his professional life hiding away in electrical cupboards, writing stories. Since he retired, his stories are now (slowly) making their way onto the internet, under the pen name T.S.Bryan. […]

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Should your customer ALWAYS be the hero of your story?

The Circle, Sheffield

There’s a compelling idea in marketing that the story you tell should be all about your customer. That your customer should be the sole hero of the story, achieving some transformation by following a magic formula, and finally deciding to buy your product. (Yeah, right). My problem with this idea is it’s too simplistic. Yes, […]

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Advanced Email Marketing: Training vs Education

I sometimes joke that I didn’t learn many things at university. But one of the things that stuck with me was a lecturer who I greatly respected explaining the difference between education and training. Training, in his opinion, teaches you how to do something. Education teaches you how to think about something. Most of the ‘education’ that exists in […]

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Where to tell your story in your marketing

I had a question last week from a client about output. He wants to tell more of his story in his marketing, but is unsure about the correct places to tell it. The point at which someone first opts in or buys is the most obvious starting point. When someone first enters your world, you […]

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