14 Things I Hate About Hiring Copywriters

Writer's Block

Do you find that hiring copywriters is a massive pain? These are the things that frustrate me most… 1. You have no way of knowing whether the fee you are paying is a good investment until after the project, when often the copywriter has jetted off into the sunset. You have to kiss a lot […]

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The Story Selection See-Saw


I want to share a myth with you about story selection. Many people seem to think there is a foolproof ‘three step’ or ‘seven step’ formula for selecting the right stories. Headlines such as ‘The ‘Seven Secrets’ to bullet proof story selection’ start to pop up in your newsfeed. (Even I would be tempted to […]

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Why stories are fractal

It’s easy to dismiss stories as trivial – a story of kiddie story-time exercise. But the reality is that people live and die by stories, all over the world, every day. Syria, New Orleans and Brussels come to mind. So do stories that inspired tremendous altruism, such as the Dunkirk evacuation. Consider 9/11 for a […]

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