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Permanently beat writer’s block

The biggest question people ask about sending regular emails is: “What the hell do I write about?” Having plenty of things to write about is a function of: Sufficient and varied input Time to process that input Capturing ideas when they occur to you. Even if that’s in the shower, during the night, out for […]

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DON’T hire writers with industry experience

There seems to be an idea when hiring a copywriter that: You just push the ‘hire’ button on Upwork or whatever, and the writer gets to work churning out copy You need to hire a writer with direct industry expertise in your topic Which of course, is ridiculous. In the words of Dick Benson, you […]

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What to do when you ‘fall off the wagon’

Committing to a regular publishing schedule is the best way to build trust with your list. What happens quite often is that people commit to a schedule – maybe three emails per week or whatever. It goes well for a while. Then something goes wrong. A holiday happens. A big client engagement appears. Business gets […]

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Will your writing survive the test of time?

One of my favourite books is The Book of Gossage, by Howard Gossage. Published posthumously in 1986 after his death, the book takes a swipe at the state of advertising in the 1960’s. I’d like to quote a passage to you: — “… despite everything you have heard about the value of repetition and keeping forever […]

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