Story Selling University: Sharpen Your Skills

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Would you like a never-ending bank of content ideas... and the skills to write compelling copy as and when you need it? Either on an occasional or full time basis?

Is writing your preferred mode of expression?

The bottleneck in any marketing project is always written content. You can buy fancy tools. You can build a high-tech marketing funnel. But without the right stories, potential customers simply won't understand your value. 

In the words of David Ogilvy, your message will pass like a ship in the night.

You know that storytelling matters, but you lack confidence in your stories. You think people won’t be interested in them, and that you’ll distract people from buying.

So instead you write about about the technical features of your product. You end up saying the same things your competitors say, even though NOBODY else in the world does what you do.

Nobody else provides the transformation you do. Nobody else has your perspective, and your experience. But you aren't communicating that to people.

The clients you work with LOVE what you do, but you struggle to convey that to new prospects. 

You LIKE to write. Writing is the primary way you like to express yourself, but when you come to write a marketing email, it simply takes too long. The end result never sounds like you do in person.

If what I’ve described sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Story Selling University is a place for people who tell persuasive written stories in their marketing; whether your a business owner who wants control over your message, or a full time copywriter.

As a subscriber, you’ll work directly with me to build your written storytelling skills. You’ll learn to write more engaging emails, Facebook ads, Google ads, blog posts, direct mail letters… anything with written output.

If you provide a valuable service, you can’t convince anyone to buy based solely on reason and logic.

You have to build trust. You have to communicate your perspective, and your experience. You have to show a potential customer that you’ve been in their shoes… and you can only do that with story.

You have to show up consistently to your audience. As a member, I show you how to do that without ever running short of ideas. You'll never stare at a blank Word document again, wondering what to write.

Story Selling University is tool and media agnostic. I have no agenda to sell you any particular tool. I’ll help you tell your story in the most appropriate places to promote your work.

I’ll show you - in practical terms - how to leverage your true story in your marketing. How to put more 'you' in your message. How to stand out. How to build trust in a world where attention is valuable and scarce.

As a member, you get:

  • The Story Selling Insider newsletter, delivered monthly with free worldwide delivery

Each month in the letter I turn the spotlight on a particular medium, and ask: what types of stories should you be telling? Should you lead with stories or content? What type of call to action should you include?

I share examples from my own work, including ads and emails that failed. You get to see what has gone right, as well as what has gone wrong.

  • Monthly member’s only webinars

Each month I hold an informal web meeting on Zoom to expand on the newsletter, and show you the practicalities of what I have done. It’s also an opportunity for you to have your problems solved by a sharp group of people.

  • Critique requests and support (£200 / $300 value)

Want feedback on an ad, or piece of writing? Want to know what strategy to follow in your remarketing ads? Want me to cast my editing eye over an email? You can ask for all those things as a member. I’ll usually record a 10-15 minute video detailing my feedback. You can request as many critique requests as  you like.

  • Both my books (£19.97 value)

If you need either of my books (The Marketing Nurture System or Simple Story Selling) I'll send you signed copies.

  • Nurture Email Mastery access (£497 / $697 value)

As a member you also get access to my 5-week ‘look over my shoulder’ email storytelling training (read more here, opens in a new tab). You’ll learn how to research story ideas, select stories, structure your stories, and link seamlessly to your sales message. You’ll write emails that feel easy to write, that your customers will love.

Look inside the course:

  • Option to join my exclusive Writer’s Circle

If you’re a full time copywriter (or want to be), you also have the option to join my Writer’s Circle when you complete the Nurture Email Mastery training. Writer’s Circle members meet up once a week to discuss copy, and hold each other accountable to doing the writing we say we’ll do.

As a Writer’s Circle member I’ll also help you build your copywriting business, if that’s something you want to do. There’s no additional cost to become a Writer’s Circle member, you just need to be an active Story Selling Insider subscriber, and have completed the Nurture Email Mastery training.

  • A full 30-day money back guarantee

If you're not completely happy with your Story Selling University membership, let me know within 30 days and I'll refund every penny.

What’s Coming Up in Story Selling University...

In October we’ll be talking about CRM systems. Any stories you tell are only as good as your data, and I’ll talk about how I manage my own systems in Infusionsoft. You don’t need to use Infusionsoft; what I have to say will apply if you use ANY tag-based contact management system.

In November I’m going to Chicago to attend Perry Marshall’s ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Paradigm Shift workshop. In November’s letter I’ll share the key insights.

December’s topic is to be confirmed; I’m waiting until after Perry’s workshop to confirm a topic.

How Much is Story Selling University?

The monthly bonuses alone could be worth thousands to your business. I could charge hundreds per month for Story Selling University access. But you can currently lock in at £75 per month (UK customers), or $97 USD per month (worldwide).

Story Selling University will re-open on 7th-14th January, when we'll enroll a maximum of 25 new students. To join the early bird notification list, enter your details below,

Rob Drummond

From: Rob Drummond

I wish I could write as well as Rob. He writes in such a way as I feel I really know him and what makes him tick. He's not afraid of sharing his mistakes and his thought processes and the thinking behind his most important business and working decisions. Rob models all that so well.

It is however, the way in which he distils all the noise out there in the marketing world, down into what is right for ME. It is so easy to get seduced by the many marketing gurus who promise the easy route to success. Rob helps me to see what success means for ME, helps me to find out what's right for ME, and shows me what that entails with no BS or hype. I am immensely grateful for that because it's like having your own personal coach.

I genuinely look forward to receiving Rob's monthly newsletter so much that I wish he did it more frequently!

Nikki Uglow

The paper and ink approach encourages me to really stop and think.

I'm of an age where reading from paper is enjoyable. I prefer it.

I've reread your Edition 1.3. Got me thinking!

Jim Wade,

I think it's the only online course I have ever completed AND learned exactly what I was meant to learn!

I don't think I'm very good at it yet but practice makes perfect and I now have the framework which is so useful. Makes writing emails feel a whole lot less daunting.

Nikki Uglow

I often find that printed newsletters lack something (a lot of things – mostly substance). They are often crammed with so many topics in an attempt to make them look worth their salt, that they don’t actually have any information in them. They just seem to have enough to make you want to know more, but still make you go and research the information yourself if you actually want to know anything about the topic. Which completely defeats the point of paying for a newsletter.

This is where Rob surprised me.

Rob's newsletter is actually digestible. Rob isn’t trying to cram too much into it. Instead he spends time to introduce you to a topic – a single topic. I can sit down, have a cup of tea, and read a decent introduction into something I can apply in my business. No fluff. No pretentiousness. Just a good, solid, easy to consume topic that changes the way I think about things.

We live in a cluttered digital world – the Marketing Clarity Newsletter makes space for exactly what it says it will: some marketing clarity.

Kenda Macdonald, Automation Ninjas

At the start of this course I was a little anxious that the rigidity of my well-practised academic writing style would be difficult to break. But this was not the case.

The course shows you how to take the story that’s inside your head, get in down on paper and develop it step by step until you’ve got the final product. With this clear and well-defined process, I found it easy to adapt to writing story-based nurture emails.

After completing the course, I have added another element to my writing skills arsenal. I’ve only just started writing in this style so it’s going to take practice to perfect it. But the process and knowledge is in place. I just have to follow it.

The principles are easily applied to writing emails, creating presentations, web pages, videos or podcasts.

I’d highly recommend this course for anyone looking to communicate with their customers, audience or peers in a way that we all find interesting and engaging.

We all love listening to stories. We all have stories to tell. This course will give you the tools to tell your stories in a way that sells.

David MacGregor, Remote Office Assistant

I got home after 8pm last night after a long day, and found your print newsletter in the post. I immediately sat down to read it. It’s a great sign that you’re doing something right – I didn’t shelve it till later, I just read it.

I really feel that I know what I’d be doing with landing pages. There’s lots of other pieces of the jigsaw that I’m less confident about, but if/when I ever get round to doing what I have in mind, I won’t be anxious about the landing page bit!!!

Martin White, Thinkers