Do you deliver outstanding value to your clients, but struggle to explain this to potential customers?

Unlike a big agency, I only work with a handful of private clients at any given time. If the following list describes you, we may be a good match:

  • You understand the need to educate your customers over a longer period of time. You know that what you do is valuable to the right people, but you struggle to explain this as a compelling story..
  • You like the idea of telling stories in your marketing, but lack the skills of confidence to write stories yourself.
  • You want to work with a copywriter who will spend more time getting to know you, your business, your customers. You want to work with a copywriter who isn't trying to juggle 25 other projects.
  • You want to work with a copywriter who can tell your story in your voice, in a way that is interesting to your clients.
  • The need to educate potential customers about your products and services is a bleeding neck problem for your business.
  • You're a talker more than a writer. You can talk for hours about your business, but writing about it saps your time and energy.
  • You know your business is unique but it takes you a long time to explain exactly why.
  • You sell high-value products and services, perhaps costing $5,000 or more (£3,500 / €4,000). The products you sell transform the lives of your customers. You deliver extraordinary value to the right people.
  • You have to build a high degree of trust with a potential customer before they will consider doing business with you.
  • You have the authority at your company to sign off on a project.


These look great. Almost feels like I'm stepping into someone else's story, even though it's my own!

Luke Szyrmer, Launch Tomorrow

Your writings are very impressive ! You have managed to synthesize my ideas and make them very understandable in an easy to read, and fun format.

I understand their usage as an auto responder, and I’m thinking about Maze 2.0, and using that same material on Facebook. I’m happy to give you a glowing testimonial (which you may have to write for me, as us programmers are not so good at writing 🙂

Mark David McCreary,

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