Simple Story Selling

Do you do great work for your clients, but struggle to explain what you do?

Are you tired of being compared to thousands of other 'vendors', who are in fact nothing like you?​

Would it be nice if potential customers already understood the true value you provide?​

Read the book to discover:

  • Why stories matter
  • The three ingredients in a successful story
  • How to structure your marketing emails
  • How to get your draft email onto paper, without fighting the blank screen
  • How to keep people reading, even if your emails are longer than average
  • Rob's seven rules of editing
  • How to apply the lessons of great literature to your writing
  • Templates and examples

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Simple Story Selling

I love your writing and the open sandwich format that works really well as emails, and it carries over well here, when you’re illustrating concepts.

Luke Szyrmer, Launch Tomorrow