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The Marketing Nurture System

The Marketing Nurture System pulls together the worlds of copywriting and marketing automation, to provide a unified framework for marketing nurture. Read the book to discover:

  • Why most email nurture sequences fail to generate results
  • The four steps to implement in your marketing nurture system
  • How to determine and improve the ROI of your marketing nurture efforts
  • How to build a team around you to achieve your goals
  • How to know what work you should be doing yourself
  • The real reason to use stories in your emails
  • Advice on email marketing tools

Book details:

131 pages, paperback
ISBN: 978-1-910090-96-1

Simple Story Selling

Simple Story Selling explains how to write compelling 'evergreen' stories that convert cold prospects into hot customers for years to come. The book provides a walk-through of the seven step nurture email production process, and template examples of the seven plot archetypes. If you want to write compelling marketing emails in-house, this is the book to read.

  • Why stories matter
  • The three ingredients in an evergreen story
  • How to structure your marketing emails
  • The seven-step 'quickstart' production process
  • How to apply the lessons of great literature to your writing
  • Templates and examples

Book details:

160 pages, paperback
ISBN: 9781548085292