My early business failures (part 2)

My first venture as a self-employed consultant was selling SMS text messaging to local business. If you read yesterday’s email, I had been developing this in evenings and weekends. Suddenly I was out of work, with no savings to speak of. Overnight the SMS project went from being an edgy side business, to something that urgently […]

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My early business failures (part 1)

When I got back from South America I immediately started work again at the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) company near London, where I did my placement year. I hired a room in a shared house, in a town called High Wycombe. Two of my new housemates turned out to be crack addicts, which is a […]

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Core Story 10: Colombian Bus Fiasco

I was telling you last time about arriving in Argentina, and the challenges of travelling alone… As the weeks ticked past I spent a lot of time in hostels and cheap hotels. You would hear stories through the grapevine about travellers being robbed – held at gunpoint even. The closest I came to being robbed was entirely […]

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Core Story 09: Fumbling Around in Spanish

When I finished university I immediately boarded a plane to South America. The plan was to fly into Argentina in June, and fly back from Ecuador in December. As I sat on the plane I had no idea what to expect. I had studied Spanish… a little. After 18 hours and a thorough interrogation halfway […]

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