Stories vs Information…

… and why I’m about to shoot five little ducks… There are various unadvertised side effects to having a small child. The advertised side effects are well known: lack of sleep etc. One unadvertised side effect is you get nursery rhymes locked endlessly in your head. The one in my head at the moment goes: […]

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How to split-test your emails

‘How to split test your emails’ is probably the biggest email marketing question I’ve never written about. Why not? I don’t know. You can and should split test your core email sequences. In my world that’s the sequence that goes out after people opt-in. My objective at that point is to sell someone a book. […]

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How to measure your email results

Nerd alert warning: today’s post contains nerdy language, including the word ‘parameters’. You’ve been warned… — We were talking yesterday about the trade off between email length and email frequency. The next question is tracking. In other words, how do you know if a long email is better than a short one? Most email platforms […]

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The email frequency / length trade-off

Frustrated businessman in need of inspiration

I remember copywriter Drayton Bird commenting that in his vast experience, a well written 2000 word email should always outperform a well written 400 word email. Which is fine, in principle. But in reality there is a trade-off. I send five of these emails a week. Some of them are batch produced ahead of schedule, but most get written […]

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