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How to keep attention once you have it

I’ve realised over a number of years that the people I follow for an extended period of time are ALL people who: Hang their personality off their business in some way. They might have a brand, but they don’t hide behind it. The brand is them. Present the unabashed fullest expression of their current self. […]

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How big a list do you REALLY need?

So here’s a question to think about… How many people do you need in your world to support your work? It might actually be smaller than you think. My email list size is around 800. It grows at a slow net rate because I regularly delete contacts who never buy or open anything. Given that […]

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Your Story: The great river at your disposal


I took the photo above in 2009, in the Peruvian jungle town of Yurimaguas. My hotel had a great view of the river, and hammocks to sit in. What river is that? The Amazon, you would think… But actually, it’s not. The river is the Marañon, which is an Amazon tributary. A tributary – look at the […]

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Birthday book sale – 31 copies only

The Marketing Nurture System

I’m in the process of rewriting my first book, The Marketing Nurture System. The book explains how to nurture cold leads into long term customers, without becoming a full-time marketer. I’m still mostly happy with the book – the current rewrite is more of an update. I’m adding detailed new sections on CRM and social media […]

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